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The East River Bank

April 22, 2009 By: Anton Category: Buried and lost Treasure, Zip pouch

In 1780 The British Frigate Hussar carrying $4 million in gold and silver coin sank in the East River;  then in 1782 another Frigate the Lexington deposited an additional $1.8 million in the East River Bank.

I spent my childhood in New York City and as a teenager made trips to swim in the East River. So this is an appropriate starting place for our treasure site analysis.

In “Buried Treasure and Lost Gold Mines” I tell about the East River bank and the treasures that surround the New York Islands. The many shipwrecks that dot the shores are somewhat vague as to what they contain, and their locations but the East River bank is one of the most accurately defined lost treasures that you might want to consider.

As a kid in New York I knew about the cold waters of the East River and the treacherous currents around Hell gate Bridge but I never gave much thought as that they would be any different.

The story starts during the Revolutionary war when her Majesty’s ship Hussar bringing gold to British troops was introduced to the cold and treacherous waters of the East River.

Water at Hellgate Bridge

Water at Hellgate Bridge

I’ll leave the details of just how the Hussar came to a sorry end for the enthusiast who purchase my $4.99 downloaded ebook and just consider why the treasure hasn’t been bought up before now.

The first possibility of course is that the treasure has been raised, maybe by the British when they first lost it, or else later by somebody else and they just neglected to tell us.

The second, and more likely, is that it’s still there but we just don’t know exactly where to look

The problem with searching in the East River today is that there is a lot of traffic, even more so than there was just 70 years ago when the last salvage efforts were made; so it is very difficult to set up a dredging operation in a shipping channel with all sorts of traffic jammed down your neck.

Aside from the river traffic, taking a look at the picture above you can see that the currents are horrendous. The photograph is looking forward and not off the stern of the ship that I was on so the disturbance is not the ships wake.

The currents are in fact very swift. I have been there and watched them. The view is just passing the end of Roosevelt Island on the right and entering the Hellgate area about where the Hussar floundered, only judging from the story the Hussar probably passed Roosevelt Island on the other side… off the Queens shore.

In addition the water is very murky and is difficult to see through. Another problem is that the silt on the bottom is very deep and is believed to have completely swallowed the wreck.

My guess is any treasure salver, working in New York City waters, would not be allowed to dump the dredge-spoil back into the river. This means you would also need a barge to haul the spoil out to the ocean.

All this will cut into the reported $4 million in 1780 gold; not to mention that there may be some officials standing around with their hands out.

If only you could just sneak out some dark night with a flashlight. Hey anyone got a better idea let us know.


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  3. Just wished to state I am just happy I stumbled in your web page!


    If the MOD gave Joe Governellii rights to the Hussar it would be news all over England. In my opinion, Governelli is a total *****. A fellow diver friend of mine, Gene Ritter who worked with Joe, told me Governelli still ******************* from 25 years ago. He told me Joe **** all his research. According to a bunch of guys on the docs, Joes finds investors to put money in by claiming he has a valid arrest, .

    I looked up his court case. I doubt his arrest is even real.

    • I have no personal knowledge as to the validity of Joe Governellii’s claim. There have others in the past who have worked the site before any of us were born so who has a prior claim is open to question

  5. Skyline Cruiser says:

    I too have been searching for the Hussar for quite some time now and have yet to come by any documentation that permission from the MOD has been granted to anyone. Please be so kind as to share any details regarding you Ministry custodianship. If this is the case, I will need to refocus my efforts on the Lexington or the Jamaica Bay, where it’s at least warm.

    Thank you so much, Joe.

    • sorry the blog has been down a bit. Joseph Governali has indicated a claim with MOD I have no other info except what is entered here see if you can contact him

      • Skyline Cruiser says:

        Thank you. I was wondering what happened to the blog. What a wonderful piece, BTW! Shot Joe my inquiry. Stay tuned… :-)

        • Skyline Cruiser says:

          I tried to contact Joe by replying to his comment. My reply says still awaiting moderation. Was wondering if he has been able to see it yet?


  6. My grandfather Rocco, actually ventured with with Simon Lake to find the HMS Hassar & believe it or not, they located the beams from what they believed was from that ship. But Simon had gone bankrupt I think for the 2nd time then. My grandfather also, along with building his submarines, also built the “room” , a 12′x12′ steel box with an open bottom. There was a steel tube welded onto that room on a 45 degree angle. When this room was lowered into the water, they pumped air into it, climbed down the tube & started digging. From what I recall, they found the beams in over 20+ feet deep under the mud. One thing I do know for sure is that when the ship hit the rock, the current was strong enough to drift over 300 yards. To the side of the river. So anyone dredging the river, will find nothing. It was filled in quite a bit when real estate was going strong. It is literally under land now in the bronx. I have alot of pictures I have to dig up, with my grandfather & Simon, the ‘room” my grandfather welded up & some pretty large signed checks from the Lake Torpedo Boat company to my grandfather. I’ll talk with my dad tomorrow, he’s got a memory like an elephant for 88 years old & see what else he recalls.

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  9. Joseph Governali says:

    It’s no doubt that my name isn’t mentioned at all within this article except that is by Andy Jones whom I don’t have the pleasure of knowing. You’re welcome on my team anytime…
    As it stands ladies and gentleman..I am the official owner and discoverer of the HMS Hussar and let me say this…it does not rest off 138th street because that wreck which Simon Lake lost his shirt was in-fact another HMS Lexington which also carried gold which was in fact discovered.
    Folks you need to understand something, if you want something so badly its’ not going to happen by searching someone like my research. You need to get your hands dirty, my out of pocket expenses rain far beyond anyone that you may know.
    I not only claimed the wreck in Federal Admiralty Court but am the only person on earth with permission from the MOD (Ministry of Defense) in the UK…This is why no one else has been able to contest my claim….they must first convince the UK that they found the wreck before me and where they got all of the information ahh yes why they didn’t travel to London like it did go to Portsmouth, speak with the archaeologists there, travel to Windsor meet with the descendants of Captain Maurice Pole (the captain of the hussar), and to the Lords of London. My name was mention in Parliament by Tony Blaire.
    Sorry folks you just can’t walk in and take over the HMS Hussar is and always will be a Sovereign Vessel…
    However, I am not a greedy guy which is why my door is always open to anyone that has something viable to give and would like to join my team.

    • Skyline Cruiser says:

      I too have been searching for the Hussar for quite some time now and have yet to come by any documentation that permission from the MOD has been granted to anyone. Please be so kind as to share any details regarding your Ministry custodianship. If this is the case, I will need to refocus my efforts on the Lexington or Jamaica Bay, where it’s at least warm :-)

      Thank you so much, Joe.

  10. The Hell Gate land fill is in in the area of 90th streets in Manhattan, The Hussar went down in The Bronx, 2 miles North of hell gate. Also there is no data that Mr. Governali found anything dating back to the Hussar.

  11. Robert Apuzzo says:

    The final resting place of HMs hussar is off 138th street and the Bronx.

  12. andy jones says:

    also i should have mentioned but some1 has already located this missing wreck his name is Joseph Governali

  13. andy jones says:

    You forgot to mention that another problem with locating this spercific treasure is the fact that in 1876 the US army corp engineers blew 25t of dynamite into the worst features of Hell gate , so any treasure believed to be under that stretch of water , is undoubtably under alot of landfill

  14. j.flemo617 says:

    THERES a few diffrent ways to find it usen the right tools i think.

  15. ann marie says:

    Very interesting. I’m sure eventually someone will figure out a way to get to it. They would have to search using sonar or something like that. But I could only imagine the mess that would be brought up if someone dredged up the bottom.

  16. Cheryl Langan says:

    Alright lets get started!